Helping local omnivore restaurants progress and improve ratings while growing establishments where non-vegans and vegans can enjoy dining out together.


A meat eater and a vegan walk into a bar…and they both leave satisfied.

Chef Booya D in a nutshell…

I am a self taught plant based chef and I call myself a Health Practitioner, not because I went to med school, but because I practice health daily. Years ago I was diagnosed as being type 2 diabetic and was on several medications. After an ah-ha moment I decided to explore food as medicine and stop allowing doctors to practice medicine on my body. In six months I dropped 38 lbs, reversed my “hereditary” disease and got off five different medications.

I’ve spent the last ten years in the insurance industry trying to reinvent our disease management system and help people manage their health instead of disease. I learned more about our broken healthcare system than I like to admit so a few months ago I left to follow my passion to help others simplify the over complicated concept of eating healthy.

Since I am constantly exploring new ways to improve my health, I decided to go plant based over a year ago. For those that don’t know what that means exactly, well in other words I’m vegan, but don’t let that word scare you…I don’t judge people for eating meat or indulging in cheese. Everyone is on their own journey and my goal is to show simple ways to eat more plants.

The foundation of my business is the passion I have to help others while always aligning my values with each interaction.

Health: Be good to yourself.  With a clear mind you are calm and patient.  Fitness and nutrition brings consistency and balance.  Continuously strive to be a better version of yourself than the day before.

Creativity: Use your imagination for positive results.  Your knowledge through this process will be used in other areas or your life.  Constantly learn new ways, enjoy the curiosity and be open to possibilities.

Adventure: Allow your intuition to guide you.  Seize the moments.  Enjoy nature, culture, architecture, food and all their wonders.  Sit in silence or soak in the noisy chaos.  Find calmness from within.