Helping grow establishments where non-vegans and vegans can enjoy dining out together.


Live cooking events, demonstrating real life, easy to repeat recipes and of course sampling tasty food as we go!


Series of seminars presented in a fun, interactive way, showing individuals how to improve their health through food.

Chef Booya D

Vegan cooking.  Vegan-ish eating out.

Plant based eating is the simplest form of food consumption, but unfortunately the trillion-dollar food manufacturing industry has made it much more complicated.   As a plant based chef I bring cooking back to the basics by creating easy to repeat recipes loaded with flavor.

Finding a healthy, tasty dish while dining out has also become more complicated.  A mediocre salad covered in cheese and ranch dressing isn't something I seek out.  Unfortunately, that has come to be the traditional "healthier" menu option.

In my ideal world, busy Americans would have the skills and desire to cook delicious, plant based meals, while vegans could dine out with tasty plant based options easily available.


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